Rickie Lee Jones
Letters Between Friends


  from tamim ansary

Some things CNN won't tell you, as the government hustles to create an enemy out of an organization they just handed forty million dollars to five months ago. The Taliban! And guess what? We also harbor enemies of our own government right here in the USA.

Remember Waco, Chicago, Philadelphia? Will this new policy give our government the right to seek out and kill Americans in America? Will the people realize, only after it is too late, the potential for the destruction of democracy this bombing really holds? Destruction from within? Are we really prepared to change the rules of our society, to become what we behold, to condone the bombing of any country because we don't like what they stand for? If we judge this bombing to be an atrocity, surely we cannot react in kind. I, for one, don't want to be included in this horrific rallying for a "new war."

I see people out on the street, it's like they are going to a football game. Hooray, honk for the flag. I wonder if they'll be honking when their kids, their neighbors kids, and peoples kids they don't know are laying dead on some rocks somewhere because Bush wanted to take over the world under the opportunity of attacking the elusive terrorists.

Who is the enemy? If it is Taliban, then why did Bush just give them forty million dollars? If there are terrorists, and we know who they are, let us take them out without mercy, without hesitation. But to use this tragedy as an opportunity to aggress potential enemies in unconscionable. To play with potential nuclear war is unacceptable to me. Is it acceptable to you?

If we are a better nation that the nations we plan to attack, and I think we are, or can be, we will not let warriors tear down our national morality in the name of patriotism. I am a very patriotic American, but I have no taste for this propaganda, that unity means war. Unity, my friends, means peace. War means death. Period.

I hope you will join us, people who are horrified by this, but who, in watching the great tragedy unfold, saw all too clearly the potential for the end of the world, how quickly and silently it could come, and how, at any cost, war must be averted. Join me in imagining there is no War to be fought, and hold on to that banner. Where is that Christianity when you need it most? God Bless the lone California congresswoman who voted against giving Bush unlimited funds and power to declare War.

- Tamim Ansary


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