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General discussions on Rickie’s music


Postby hype2010 » Fri Oct 16, 2009 8:01 pm

I'm looking around the new site, love the images the photos, it's great!! But the best thing is the music - I'm not sure what songs I'm hearing but they sound phenomenal. Her last album was so amazing, all of them are but the last one was so daring. This one sounds very intimate and warm of what I hear so far. Rickie Lee Jones is most definitely an angel from Heaven. So beautiful, so talented, so deep, full of love and true emotion. Her songwriting is nothing short of absolute genius and her vocal style is entirely unique and unmatched. I can't wait until November 3rd. I think I'm hearing two snippets - they both sound fantastic - those classic sounding background vocals - I'm glad to live everytime she comes out with a new CD. I'm a songwriter musician myself and so I don't say what I say just on blind admiration, I realize she is a master of her craft (musicianship, songwriting, producing, vocals) I hope this CD brings her huge success in the way she hopes most. God bless Rickie. I'll be getting this on the 3rd, going to a quiet private place, coming back to look at all the images with the music maybe with a glass of wine and enjoying one of the most talented inspired artists on our planet!!
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Postby menju56 » Mon Oct 19, 2009 6:15 pm

Thrilled that there's a new album coming. I adored The Evening Of My Best Day and was impressed with The Sermon On Exposition Boulevard. The snippets from the new album sound gorgeous.
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