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Postby hype2010 » Wed Nov 04, 2009 6:27 am

I've listened to the entire CD - I just wrote a message but somehow I hit the wrong button. It's phenomenal without question. Fans, this is a CD you can't pass up. This is Rickie at her highest level. I just have to admit I keep coming back to this song - it hits me so deep. It makes me cry. The musicianship, the song itself, the melody, the vocals, everything. You sound so positive, so full of love and true energy - your daughter must be overwhelmed with such a powerful Heavenly song. I believe you are an angel - if not, the closest thing we may know in our lifetime. Your songs infect the heart and soul and mind. Your lyrics on this track are so heartfelt, the recording is so wonderful. If the only game in town is trying, you have gone beyond and hit perfection. This track I can tell will become one of my favorite of all time - I've been listening to you for 30 years. You have been part of my life since I was 16 years old when I used to work in record store and heard your album as a promo - I thought you were black. I love R&B/soul/hip-hop. I never heard ANY woman period sing with so much heart and soul. Rickie I bow my head in full honor. I'm listening to "Old Enough" again. This CD is SO SO GOOD - fans - scoop it up - I just keep thinking of high end audiophile stores playing this on their best McIntosh systems with their best speaker systems loving it to the fullest. The recordings are so real, crisp, full sounding - again "Wild Girl" blows me away beyond words - the whole CD is taking me away. This may be your very best CD ever. In fact I think it truly might be. : ) God Bless always. Tell your record label not to fail you on this one - this should be a diamond seller on Billboard (10 million +). That is what I believe. Tell everyone get busy - cause if "The Moon Is Made of Gold" this album is made of 10X platinum if not much much more!!
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Postby mikebtko » Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:48 am

I love "Wild Girl"; it's so sweet, and it's just so "Out West" cool...This album pleases me so! There are so many tracks to love. And which one stands out, with so many stand out' tunes, like "Wild Girl", "Bonfires", "Old Enough"? They're all so beautiful!!! And the instrumental "Blue Ghazel", it's excellent... "Bonfires" is playing right now; I just love it; come on, it's a perfect ballad in every way; it's 'perfectly Rickie'... It's my birthday today and this album is the best present!...
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