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Balm In Gilead

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Balm In Gilead

Postby Stephen Maki » Wed Nov 04, 2009 1:27 pm

We were able (and privileged) to attend Rickie's two shows at Dakota jazz club (in Minneapolis) this summer. She performed many of these new songs, and some of her more "obscure" pieces from earlier records. Her performances were excellent, and Wasserman was particularly "locked in". We were excited to see where these songs would evolve to by the record release. It was also interesting to think of this collection, and how it is comprised of songs begun at various times over the long course of her career. Well, last night was listening night, three times straight through, left feeling like the gospel was being spoken to us. How to describe, particularly, the contrast of these pieces, the sound of "magazine" era, or "cowboys"...the vocals, harmonies, texture, quality and detail of the recording, and most of all the range of emotion and meaning and love in these songs. At one time I thought that "best day" was her best, but there really is no "one" best, as they're all so good....this one is truly a masterpiece...thank you are and always will be the Empress of coolsville, and the soundtrack to our hearts....

abrazos y besos
Stephen and Estrella Maki
North Saint Paul, Minnesota
Stephen Maki
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Re: Balm In Gilead

Postby g_serendipity » Sat Nov 14, 2009 9:14 am

Hello Stephen, so very nice to see you in here. Feels like the very early days of the first message board way back when. You sent me a tape then, the Japanese version of Girl under her Vulcano with Something Cool. It was amazing what kindness there could be found in the RLJ community, one that was growing with friendships floating in cyberspace.

Balm In Gilead is a 30-year anniversary of one special recording artist and her musician friends.
I'm leaving for Leuven in a few hours, taking my notebook, camera and such along for the ride.
So things can be shared, as usual :mrgreen:

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Re: Balm In Gilead

Postby mikebtko » Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:19 pm

I'm not really off topic completely, but I'm listening to "The Gospel Of Carlos, Norman And Smith"; it's a very cool song, 's-w-we-eet!''; the lyrics are mature and of a prophetic, American rock-n-roll down-home feel; it's a beautiful gospel and blues melody..." This album is an exquisite gem; I've been playing it everyday...
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