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The Devil You Know CD

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The Devil You Know CD

Postby hype2010 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 12:08 pm

This is what I wrote at - this CD is so much better than I expected. I apologize Rickie and Ben - you did it. The candles are lit, I'm about to listen again. Check this out.

I hesitated to buy this CD. I heard clips and thought, Rickie what is this? Well I recently watched her concert on ShowGotv in Seattle. She did "Sympathy For The Devil" for her first song, and I recalled her doing it almost exactly I heard, and sometimes after seeing something in concert it opens the mind and heart to listen deeper. This CD is remarkably suprising, to me it's like a campfire folk CD. If you lit a fire in the forest and had a piano, guitar, maybe a few string instruments (cello, violin, bass fiddle), it's something you'd hear at a campfire concert. It sounds remarkably raw, but clean and clear. In listening to it I found it a perfect balance to her Sermon at Exposition Boulevard which is a very religious record in a sense reflecting Jesus and this record isn't dark, but more DEEP. As I say campfire, well candles would do good as well. Her renditions of these classics are super raw. I wondered in hearing clips what Ben Harper was thinking but if he loved Sermon, this is the perfect yang to that yin. It's a record that has to be heard in the right setting and energy. I have candles lit, christmas lights on, very dim lighting. Some burgundy spirits, at night. It's wonderful. I can't give this a five, and thought I might give it a one star review based on clips I had heard, but the clips didn't reveal the power of this record and her great performaces - I AM EXTREMELY surpised.

The clips don't do it justice, you must buy it and listen to it. If you are a Rickie Lee Jones fan, YOU MUST KNOW that repeated listens reward the listener, and again she does here.

Sermon was a phenomenal break and experiement that was breathtaking, then Balm In Gilead which to me was her best album in decades, and now this - a very quiet almost response to Sermon. "The Devil You Know", which at first I even criticized Ben Harper wondering what he was doing, but now I THINK he knew all along - he also I believe an amazing talent.

He sees that when Rickie at her most raw, it is just as mysterious and spectacular as when she is putting out more polished, produced material. Regardless of who is producing Rickie, Rickie is the star always, her voice and inflections and expression is totally unique to herself.

This album works, it's an acheivement. Everyone who said they couldn't get through it - owe this CD many multiple repeat listens. These songs are timeless but time has stopped when she has done them, she has made them her own. So I apologize to Ben Harper questioning his production, and to Rickie, thinking why? I think I know now. To me "The Devil You Know" is the perfect companion to "Sermon at Exposition Boulevard" a CD that is classic in every sense, and on my third listen now I think this one will be too.

The reason I only give it four stars, is because I know Rickie Lee Jones writes much more superior and epic songs, not that these aren't by any means, but Rickie's songwriting is beyond the norm, I'd call her writing SUPERNATURAL. When she writes a song and sings her song they etch themselves on your heart FOREVER and cannot be diminished EVER.

If you love Rickie Lee Jones, I suggest if you have NOT heard "Sermon" listen to that first and KNOW it deeply, then with some candles and lights down, listen to "Devil" - think of a campfire gathering and she is the star. And she is. Imagine she is singing this right TO YOU. She is, you'll hear that intimacy.

This is only my third listen and I can see I very much misjudged this record. I will say though CONCORD RECORDS wake up. Rickie is in a renaissance period that needs to be made more public, the people need to be aware that this is a brilliant time with a trilogy of work that is even more unique than her first three and just as exciting but in a different way since it's a different time.

From "Sermon" to "Balm" to "Devil" there is a spark that is just getting started. I know this after seeing her concert via streaming from Seattle. She was A+++, that was an amazing show.

Make this journey, at first you might think like I did - what is this? But I GUARANTEE after repeated listens in candlelight, with a glass or two of burgundy spirits, when you are relaxed and really ready to hear RICKIE she will do what she always does. Share an amazing musical journey and spiritual experience that will make you anxiously await the next step in her wonderful musical path. This a very vital CD; with repeated listens Rickie doesn't disappoint but amazes. She is one remarkable talent of my time. Don't be discouraged by clips, listen to the whole thing repeatedly and you will see this is much more than you ever expected.

I can say this was a very worthwhile purchase, one that I will listen to often, especially when I take treks out in nature, at night, with candles and some incense, and just put this on, lay back on my blanket and look at the stars and have Rickie sing me some classics, which will probably become some of her classics. : ) I'm listening now to "The Devil I Know" - really like "The Weight". It's always nice to get something you think you may like, but then end up LOVING. Give it MULTIPLE listens, with candles - think campfire. Think Rickie's magic, you won't be disappointed. When I hear this CD sometimes, it reminds me of the movie "Where The Wild Things Are." I loved that book when I was a child and love Spike Jonze for making the movie so good. These songs could have been in that movie. This album has a magic. Indeed. It's time to "Catch The Wind" so I say goodbye. Don't be so shallow, give this CD multiple listens and know her last three. They go together like a trilogy.
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