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General discussions on Rickie’s music


Postby hype2010 » Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:29 am

I just wanted to say Rickie - thank you. You have been in my life musically since "Chuck E.'s In Love" with your first album. I worked at a record store and I was 16, and I remember one of my district managers put your record on. I remember like it was yesterday. That was where my love affair began with Rickie began. Her music to me is divine. When I've been sad, she can cheer me up. When I'm happy, I can even be happier. I have never heard any songwriter write songs as complex and that take you on a sweeping journey like Rickie's do, no one. Her songs can make me cry, make me sob entirely. ("Bayless St. is one of many that really makes me cry - don't know why - it's just so beautiful) Her songs have made me laugh and have filled me with such absolute joy. Her songs are like journeys of the soul. It's as if she looks at life in such a special way, and she gives us a view of her amazing world.
I am a songwriter and musician myself. So I recognize her amazing vocal and musical talents. Rickie I'd love to work with you one day. But regardless if that ever happens, I want to say again thank you. For filling my life with songs that I've never forgotten. To me you are one of the very few musicians that I believe are specially touched by the grace of God. I see that so clearly, if I could only give you back the special moments you have given to me and my lifetime. I wish I could do the same for you - I've written music but it's nothing as blessed as yours. Maybe one day I will write a song dedicated to you but it will have to be one of my very best, because you deserve nothing less. I am glad that you have come into this world and shared your remarkable talents. Your music inspires visions, it brings nature to life, it makes life better, more real. All I can say is thank you.
Finally, I'd like to let you know I recognize you are a total master of your craft. Whether it's a big production, or you alone singing with your guitar. Your musicianship and vocals are astounding. So thank you. Thank you for all the memories - which sounds cliche but so true. Thank you for being you, I started listening to you as a teenager and now I'm almost 50, I hope I live another twenty years and that you bless me and everyone with more great music and memories. God bless, just wanted you to know how important you are to someones life. Thank you.
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Postby Alonzoskt » Wed Feb 17, 2016 3:56 pm

I loved Lenny Valentino by the Auters too. How do I link to youtube stuff like you have, btw??


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