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Postby hype2010 » Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:40 am

Wow, it's been almost 2 months since "The Other Side Of Desire" came out - and about 3 months since I first heard "Jimmy Choo's". I can say after about 30 listens to the CD it's amazing. Mind blowing actually. What made me post this was an interview I saw with "q" magazine show. What a great interview. That gentleman was fantastic at getting Rickie to talk about herself. I live in the Los Angeles Metro area. I'm so sad she said she had no friends here. Jesus knows if she lived nearby and I had the honor to know her I'd never leave her feeling that way. She is just adorable in every way. When she says in her clip, "The Other Side of Desire" that she's not important because "you don't want to f&%# me anymore". Rickie Lee Jones - this is truth - you are just as beautiful as you have always been if not more so, you are like a fine wine that only gets better with time. You've always been hot, you are hot and I assume you will always be. You look divine in red with red lipstick. So you in my opinion are more important NOW than you've ever been. This new CD is truly phenomenal. But you seem to be a wonderfully genuine human being with a heart of gold and a spirit aware and such a kind and loving spirit - what could be more beautiful. And that is you. You are beautiful and EXTREMELY important as probably one of the most talented songwriters, performers, producers alive not only now but for all history. YOU ARE A LEGEND. Lord, can I have a witness. : D

It's strange - never have I seen an artist I think ever come out with 4 albums from the beginning of their career that were absolutely flawless. Prince too. They are both my very favorite artists. Warner Brothers was on fire in those days. But I can't even imagine (I'm a musician/producer/songwriter/engineer) making albums so breathtakingly flawless. They are probably the most real talents in music even today. I somehow disconnected with Rickie due to my life - since Ghostyhead
and I was re-acquainted with "The Sermon At Exposition Boulevard". I remember the exact day I listened. I watched the first movie what was it "Casino Royale" with Daniel Craig - James Bond - exciting movie. Then I remember I went out to get some beer for my friend and some wine for me (I love my wine), and listened for the first time in a decade to her new CD - it was different but incredible. After about 3 listens in a row - I was like she is back - that was a delicious new flavor to her catalog and was my re-connection to her music after a decade. It was great. I think it is one of her best creative and unique albums - it stands alone and is one of my favorite memories of my life - I LOVE THAT CD. It is a gem. Get it. Then she came out with "Balm Of Gilead" - I think that was her best since her first four - a shame the music world didn't embrace this effort it was out of this world. One of my very favorites. Every song is a journey that I've taken hundreds of times. Amazing. Then came "The Devil You Know" - that was good - some gems like "The Weight" especially. It was extremely raw and it was very good - but I was surprised, honestly I thought Ben Harper would do better as a producer. It was daring but never connected like the previous two.

Then came "The Other Side of Desire" - I first heard Jimmy Choo's and thought this is catchy and different. I thought this is intimate and fun. After about 20 listens I was hooked and wondered what this CD would be like - well. It is another like "Balm Of Gilead". Except her new CD is more intimate and very well produced. I can tell the people who worked with her loved her. (I can say I'll produce her CD and record her a new CD for free if I can co-write) I always give that plug and I have tons to show. But her new CD is in a way her best. I LOVE the fact that the producers really made Rickie shine - it's the most intimate and immediate album of her career. It's really incredible. I get that New Orleans flavor, it really showcases her raw talent and vocals. She sounds immediate. She sounds relevant. She sounds astoundingly real (no auto - tune or over produced), it's a great album. Really just great. In some ways it may be her best because it feels so real. This album comes out 36 years after her first debut and she sounds more vital than ever. Maybe more so. It just really connects so deeply - I LOVE "Haunted" and "Infinity" and "Feet On The Ground" just grows on you - every song is delectable. It's like "Rickie Lee Jones" and "Pirates" and "Girl At Her Volcano" meets "The Sermon At Exposition Boulevard" and the New Orleans flavor creates a dish that is just irresistible. I LOVE IT - so Rickie NEVER EVER discount yourself - to me you, Prince and Johann Srauss II for Die Fledermaus are the most important people in music PERIOD. God souls. I love you new CD/album - so don't think you are unimportant EVER - you are MOST IMPORTANT. When you put out an album - it's a life event. It marks the time. Your new CD is absolutely classic. It's maybe your most intimate. Ben Harper I think wanted achieve something like this - but he did not. It's good - but this is one is timeless. I'm listening to "Haunted" - I may record a duet with you and send it to your manager one day - I LOVE THIS TRACK - it's a MicK Jagger swagger - love that keyboard in my right ear. This song is so you, but has that Rolling Stone swag - man I'd love to see Mick sing this with you - the production is deep and lush and wonderful. Love that the drums are on the left and the separation - "You better be careful" may have a smash deluxe - I pray you see this - know you are at a great place. Your new video for "JIMMY CHOOS" is superb. I think it may be one of your best ever. That director made you look so sexy and hip so cool. You just driving and shaking that tambourine. You go!! Love the characters in the video - and the parade. You go - you look like you know how to have fun. I love you Rickie Lee Jones. I think you are an angel - I thank God for you - in my most saddest moments in my life you have filled up my heart and kept me going. YOU ARE SUPER IMPORTANT - PERIOD. F&$% everyone who doesn't realize. I am a witness. You are a wonderful spirit - I'm an OK person but I'm singing your songs. Loudly - happily - joyfully - when I hear you I'm mesmerized with happiness. So thank you again. I just am beyond humbled by your work and music - if I get to Heaven I'm sure you will be there among God's orchestra leading them on a beautiful musical journey as you have done on Earth. Thank you - hats off always and God bless - you are amazing. Continued success. Don't ever doubt yourself - you are beyond Elvis or Beatles or Frank - you are beyond most - the ones who work with you must know - I KNOW - GOD RAISE YOU UP - thank you Rickie for all your blessings. You enrich my life so deeply. Now I'm listening to "Juliette" as I am about to go - wonderful. Is that your pup - beautiful. LOVE TO INFINITY.
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