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The Aladdin Theatre, Portland OR

Share your feelings about a Rickie concert.

The Aladdin Theatre, Portland OR

Postby joelmathews » Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:30 am

Ok I had a friend of mine, actually some cool Dad, get there at five in the afternoon, so any waysss, he and his lovely daughter have had the priviliage of seeing her eight times. Me, myself, and I, well, I drove when I was 15 from FOrth WOrth TexAS to the Majestic theatre in the middle of Dallas, I've always been geographically challenged but this was like the truth of the matter, you know, I was a real nerd and spent a lot of time in my room, well, I went alone and was the youngest person there, I think, it felt like, anywaysss everyone was like super upper bohemian lookign to me and stuff but it was the Pirates tour and she looked well, like she looked, something incredible created within and seem from the outside, she apologized for smoking since nobody else did but I didn't know what that meant and still don't really, my long beleagured, message here is that I have always followed her carrer and yet missed every time to see her, last time she ws playing the Aladdin, my plane was back to LA and so now I live here, and am ussuallly reading, although you'd never know it, in the bathtub, just finished Jane Bowels two serious ladies, so good, the intro by truman capote is one long laugh, but hey I'm here just to say that if anybody that knows her or reads this hell I just want to say she had so much to do with my growing up and sensibilities, woman couldn't get enough of Girl at her Volcano when I was in college and finally being an outcast was sorta uhhh cool, now it's the norm but I live alone with an old dog and two old cats and I love this womans art I have turned so many different types of people onto here beauty and poetry, it be that close I hope she felt me there I think I may have been the reason for the flashback hell I won't go into it but thiss is way to convuluted and one more thing, Rickie Lee Jones words and art is part of the American Landscape that became my landscape, which includes, Carson MucCullers , Tennessee Williams, Falker and for the love of god, one of the greatest talents America ever endured Thomas Wolfe, still, so many spanish paintings like the boy with the hoop and ball against the shadowed building, I can't put it all in here but you get the picture, the picture you have brought to me from inside your grandmothers house, rigging things up, I was so alone creatively and you made it seemed like I had the biggest imagaination and studio in the world. GOd blesses you every day for your Art and tender bastard heart, I wish we could talk someday, I'm usually funny and not so serious but I just hadda tell you my world is partically created by you. I was the tall skinny guy on the last seat buy the kick ass drummer, love on the highway, joel
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