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Stern Grove San Francisco

Share your feelings about a Rickie concert.

Stern Grove San Francisco

Postby Ljrphoto » Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:41 am

Ah, Rickie we have grown up together. From my first experience of you at the Boarding House with a maroon beret with your name embroidered on it's front, through swilling at Berkeley Community, grand theater at Zellerbach, warm nights at the Greek and the intimacy of the Palace of Fine Arts. You have sang a soundtrack in my life. Thru love, child birth, divorce and now the launching of children. Today at Stern Grove my close friend Suzee and I sat high in the trees with tears streaming as you sang our shared history in song. Each story a honest moment along the roads of life. From lusty youth, heartbreak, and growth you sang it all from the center of a woman who has never been afraid to look into the cut and make sense of it with poetry and heart. Thank you so much for outlasting the demons and celebrating the beauty of the moon. It was a lovely, lovely day.
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