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Port Washington Show - 10/23

Share your feelings about a Rickie concert.

Port Washington Show - 10/23

Postby Coolsville like that » Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:53 pm

I took the train out from the city for the show. It was well worth it. RLJ seemed to be in great spirits and it really transformed the show. There was a lightness about her and at times projecting from her (I thought). I've seen her about 15 times over the last ten years and I would put this show right near the top. Maybe Prospect Park in '05 was slightly better, but also a very different environment.

I always love her the best at the piano but she kept the set on the keys very short - 3 songs (Evening of my Best Day, Saturday Afternoons (stunning) and Coolsville). I didn't mind the brevity because the energy was so good. The crowd really appreciated her and she them. It was a treat to hear "Night Train" (especially since I was taking one home) and "Rodeo Girl". "Last Chance Texaco" was maybe the best I've ever heard it. I liked the new material very much, particularly "His Jeweled Floor". Really beautiful. Nothing from Pirates this night - maybe because that's a pretty dark album (which may be my favorite), and I think the muse was just too playful for her tonight.

Also the band was great and their vocals really enhanced...well, everything.

I bought my Carnegie Hall tix this morning. Should be magnificent....
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