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Because she is

Share your feelings about a Rickie concert.

Because she is

Postby angelkitten » Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:43 am

.......miss rickie lee jones.

there has been no one like her before, and no one since. we have grown with her. she sings our heart thru her heart. it has been a long journey and she comes back to us, when we need her the most. those words, that voice, that soul.

and we are so important to her i feel. she states that we are her family from the stage i read. is this how some of you treat your family? cruel remarks, ridicule? are we not better children than are parents were parents. and some of us still love our parents when the final chapter in the book is about to turn it's pages in the winds.

read her story. listen to those songs from so long ago when we were so young. lost we are were. i feel lost sometimes myself, still. but she comes back and she has been there with us. not so much as side by side, but after all, it has been this path of many spirits.

i am so grateful she is coming to my little city afterall. donna will be there and in that, she has brought two very good friends finally together face to face, arm around arm, all because of this place. this new fangle deal of communication.

she is a wiser, sister of mercy.

why would anyone judge another, because she is smart, because she is a woman. how far have we really come. respect, R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

i hea
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