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City Winery Wednesday July 6 2011

Share your feelings about a Rickie concert.

City Winery Wednesday July 6 2011

Postby Deanna » Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:05 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed this show, even with partial view seats at the back of the restaurant. Rickie Lee's voice was great, her band was tight and the short intros she shared helped explain the timeline of her songwriting without overdoing it. Honestly, I felt privileged to see and hear one of my favorite artists in such an intimate setting. It is most unfortunate that there was a woman in the audience who couldn't keep her mouth shut after the first number when Rickie was having some tuning problems with her guitar. This ugly person shouted "For this we waited an hour", at which point Rickie cursed her out, told her to leave then left the stage momentarily. Thankfully, the woman (and others in her party) were escorted out and the rest of us could enjoy the remainder of the show in peace. I take solace in the fact that "big mouth" missed a great show; but I have a feeling she wouldn't know the difference anyway. Her derriere occupied a much better seat than I had for all the wrong reasons. I only hope this kind of behavior doesn't discourage Ms. Jones from performing at small NYC venues in the future.
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