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Concert in Pleyel nov 27 2011

Share your feelings about a Rickie concert.

Concert in Pleyel nov 27 2011

Postby raphaellenaudin » Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:13 pm

Thank you so much for this wonderful evening in PLeyel last sunday. It was magical, and deeply moving. It's your voice, can't help it, it has this particular emotional effect on me (I'm not the only one for sure!). As you said, we "boogied", we "cried" (a lot personnally) and we "laughed"...difficult to explain in a good english (I'm french..) , but your voice soothes me, I've always heard you in my childhood, your albums follows me in my life. I'm a french jazz singer, and you're a great influence for me.
Thank you, and please come back soon !
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