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Radio France, Nov.26, 2009

Share your feelings about a Rickie concert.

Radio France, Nov.26, 2009

Postby menju56 » Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:44 pm

RLJ played live for Radio France this evening (November 26, 2009). Listened live and it was glorious - hopefully it will be available on the Radio France website archives.

Rickie spoke about some monitor problems while on the piano, and during "Living It Up" said she and Sal were competing with different time signatures, but it sounded great. The saddest part was when she talked about "Bonfires," saying she saw the man it was written about while she was driving on a Sunday morning, and he was in a car with another woman. The woman who "laid her hair across your shirt." It's such a beautiful song.

Set list:

Easy Money
Weasel and the White Boys Cool
Chuck E.'s in Love
The Last Chance Texaco
Sailor Song
Beat Angels
A Tree on Allenford
It Must Be Love
His Jeweled Floor
Living It Up
We Belong Together
(song I didn't recognise) / Pirates
The Horses
Remember Me
Nobody Knows My Name
Wild Girl
Autumn Leaves

Great set. :)
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