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Boston 12/6

Share your feelings about a Rickie concert.

Boston 12/6

Postby longlegs » Wed Dec 09, 2009 8:21 pm

The songs (sometimes in order but mostly not):

Hi Lili Hi Lo
Old Enough
Rodeo Girl
Last Chance Texaco
His Jeweled Floor
Lap Dog
Remember Me
It takes you There
Scary Chinese Movie
A song Rickie made up!
Sailor Song
A Hank Williams song about a window up above
Livin it Up
Long Distance Love (dedicated to Lowell George)

Rickie: with a green ruffled shirt, a peacock sweater and a gray snow hat to celebrate Boston's first snow, she arrived on stage. She told us she's been playing long concerts lately and we applauded in our good fortune. She was in great spirits despite a nagging cold. Wyatt on mandolin, guitar, piano and singing seems to really meet Rickie in a great way. And Joel Guzman on accordian and occasional voice too, divine. And of course, the quiet on, Rob Wasserman, the peaceful and steady anchor of it all on the bass. I love his presence.

She made up a song folks. Right in front of us, with Wyatt on mandolin playing around, she zoned in on him and then they were all off, making music before our eyes and hearts: something about following behind...she said she doesn't like country music too much but sometimes she does, like Hank Williams and in fact, I could play a Hank Williams song if you like...and she did. Lovely. Also the Long Distance love tune for Lowell at the piano was STUNNING. Also this was my favorite take on Last Chance Texaco, very delicate and measured, gentle...tight in an electric way. And "It takes you THere' is emerging now for me as a LIVE favorite. I just love the way she sings it and it speaks to me.

I will never stop going to your shows Rickie. I will never stop bringing friends to share them with.
Happy holidays y'all

love, Doug
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