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Rickie : Night 2 at City Winery 4/10

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Rickie : Night 2 at City Winery 4/10

Postby esperanza1 » Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:43 pm

A more rambunctious crowd than night 1 and on this night,Rickie was okay with a bit of audience bantering...and no chair tonight either, she was up at the old mike. And of course, set list was completely shuffled from night 1 ,and had a few added surprises.Highlights : an extremely impassioned version of "it must be love" (simply excellent,much more intense than usual,she seemed emotional at the end ) , gorgeous "Deep Space" and "Magazine" and something super cool and obscure ,an airing of "Albatross" ( never heard this live before and hope she keeps doing it,was amazing !). Tonight's funny anecdote was about Stephen Stills ,which led into cover of "Helplessly Hoping".And tonight she introduced her amazing band mates ,Jeff Pevar and Ed Willett,,who were freakin' awesome.After what was supposed to be the last song, audience kept cheering even though lights went up and recorded music was playing ,and she and the band came back out for some "Danny's All-Star " and "Last Chance".And so, first night was more laid back,raw and smooth,and second was bigger and louder...can't really favor one over the other : both were damn good :) !
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