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RLJ performance at UAB on 8-21-2015

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RLJ performance at UAB on 8-21-2015

Postby dakota0721 » Tue Sep 01, 2015 3:29 am

What a beautiful night to see RLJ at UAB. After seeing her three times at the Variety Playhouse in less than ideal conditions, it was very impressive to see such a beautiful acoustic venture that really showed off the long ingrained talents of this singing songwriter. What an air of thick sophistication as RLJ took the stage in a shy, timid stance. As her confidence grew, so did her music and re-pore with her adoring but socialite filled audience. That golden voice sang out as did the every note from each instrument floating around the perfectly acoustic attuned venue each eager to arrive in every ear at the perfect time. RLJ hit her stride as she went to the piano. Her somewhat demure voice became strong as she played familiar tunes with slightly different arrangements sprinkled with new songs from her latest masterpiece. Including her three encores, RLJ played for two hours solid. The people in the audience attempted to call her back for a fourth, but the house light went up and the concert had no choice but to come to an end. Of all the times I have ever witnessed this goddess on stage, never have I ever seen her act so respectful to her attentive and appreciative audience. There were no fits or pouts and the evening slipped by smoothly and richly. Rickie bowed and made other loving gestures to her packed house. On this night I saw the other side of this fantastic performer. Thank you, RLJ, for an evening that will not soon be forgotten.
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