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Has it been 30 plus already?

How were you influenced by a song?

Has it been 30 plus already?

Postby winomo » Wed May 25, 2011 8:01 am

But, I don't feel this old. I still remember the first album and Danny's All Star Joint and Easy Money and...and....Pirates and We Belong Together.....and then came my favorite of all the concerts and all the albums ....The Magazine my home town of San Francisco...with my best friend, Susie. We were so much younger then...We dreamed of the chance of meeting you..Two young, hopeless romantics with poetry in our heads and a shared appreciation for your pure voice and true heart..I dreamed of just having the chance to talk to you to simply you tell you how much your music and words have touched my life since the beginning.
Some years later I was watching a movie, Frankie and Johnny based on the Terrance Mcnalley play....and it freaked me out a bit how this particular movie was a mirror of my life, even down to lines they spoke...and then, at the end of the movie, Al Pacino turns on the radio and it starts playing my favorite the history of all music..It Must be Love. I almost fell out of the chair. This was a few years after Magazine, and there it was. Your song, still touching my life in some distant way. Some artists in this world can transend more than music, lyrics, rythyms....for me, you have been this special old friend who has always been there in the background...creating the musical score of my life.
Your words and melodies were with me in my greatest moments of joy and love and your blues were there for me in the darkest moments when I had no more tears left for the children that would never be and the friends and family that had to leave too soon. I never had to cry alone.
Thank you
I can't wait to see you and hear you pl[i]ay again this weekend in SF. I'm bringing a dear friend who just lost his young wife He's a musician and somehow, I know he'll appreciate the comfort and compassion and truth you give so freely. We could all use a dose of that these days.
I don't expect you may ever see this, but writing it still feels right.
So. I'm not 18 anymore but I look forward to being taken back.
From one appreciative old broad,
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