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How were you influenced by a song?


Postby Roughyedbach » Sat Aug 17, 2013 1:49 am

I really appreciate the 'hidden' within Rickie's lyrics. She writes like she's using Photoshop, and peeling back the layers, for me, is like uncovering hidden truths and meanings. The lyrics somehow reveal palimsests of life. Her's, mine, your's? The music will always be haunting, the lyrics perhaps less easy to catch first time around, but they will slowly begin to reveal their beauty after time. That may be because Rickie sings from a deep and honest place within. Naturally and purely, and maybe we have lost our ability to hear what is being said/sung because of boom, boom flash rap-crap music. Real artistes know their craft and live their lives by their beliefs, as Rickie does. No cheap sell-out, bull shit type prostitution hawked by multi-national pupeteers.. Art will always be art but it's good to be savvy "if you wanna break the rules you gotta know how to play the game". Now 'aint that is the truth! My life has confirmed exactly that and Rickie taught me that very truth as a young art student back in 1979! Just a couple of the other lines that stay very much within my personal orbit are "it must be love which fathoms the deepest part of the night", from It Must Be Love (Possibly my all time favorite song), and the haunting " I will love the sound of my sheets, Oh, you have moved beneath them" from Stewart's Coat. Maybe I'm in a sentimental place right now, but I can play my entire collection of Rickie Lee Jones' albums tomorrow and peel away further layers.

You are a Rubik's Cube Rickie and I will never tire of exploring the facets you twist, turn and present to us.
I love the way you slowly peel away truths, falsehoods, shit and even reality. I honestly feel that I am almost growing with you. Y'know it took me ages to fall in love with what has since become one of my all time my favorite albums - Ghostyhead. - Slow learner I may be, but it has been a pleasure to grow with your music and also to share the planet with such a talent as yours ... thank you for that, God bless you. Please just keep goin' girl - you have not just touched lives, you have actually sustained some of them and continue to give many new points of focus.

Just wanted to let you know how loved and appreciated you are

Love n' hugs Angie

PS and ... Please come back to Manchester UK soon!
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