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Not Giving Up on Yourself!!!

How were you influenced by a song?

Not Giving Up on Yourself!!!

Postby dakota0721 » Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:59 pm

Not Giving Up on Yourself---from Jimmy Choos

What a beautiful concept to put to music and video and spread throughout the world. When I listen to the new album, this one liner means the world to me. I think when we are about to break age 60,or close to breaking 60 we are receptive to this message from a goddess that hits the target and rings the bell! I am so grateful to declare this as my mantra as I am 10 months from turning sixty. Full of self doubt, thinking of retirement, and giving up on myself, I stand in a complete circle of others knowing thee is more to me at this age. Thank you Rickie for this second wind you have shared with me and the world.
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