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A question about money unfortunately

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A question about money unfortunately

Postby xwindowsjunkie » Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:53 am

Does Rickie make more per album here versus regular sales? I would greatly prefer to buy her albums here if so.

I've not been more excited or intrigued about any female singer than her. Adulthood got in the way and I lost track of her years ago. I listened to the "Sleepless" sound track and remembered her wry and smoky voice with Dr John. Thank God for Google and the Internet! A couple of seconds and a few clicks and she's BACK! (Not really but you know what I mean!)
She always seemed to be the smart, cool girl the other girls dismissed but were envious of. I'm glad I found her quiet web site.

I'll check back in a few days and look for a response here and try to bring myself up to date.

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Re: A question about money unfortunately

Postby DarkStar » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:20 pm

Ralf wrote:I wish the website weren't so "quiet". :-)
At the old site we discussed everything, including politics. Rickie is into politics so it fit. She even jumped into the debate once in a while.

Life upheaval for me. Recently moved to a new apartment so I could be closer to work and not have to commute. I can now walk to work... which has been a big relief. Also have taken a break from the forums I frequent to write and work on music. It would be cool though to hear from Rickie... and damn cool to sing with her too!! 8-)

To answer Junkies question, I would suspect it's relatively the same. Usually, unless your Pink Floyd, you only get a small percentage of album sales. Your money comes from signing the recording contract and the subsequent tours. Of course I don't know Rickie's contract situation is, so can't say for sure what her deal is. Myself, I would buy her albums from this site because she probably does get a little extra. Plus the karma seems kinder. You know? Fuck Walmart!
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