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2nd Time Around

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2nd Time Around

Postby emmett1909 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:29 am

I just purchased a ticket, row Q, seat 26, for the July 27th show at Door Community Auditorium, Fish Creek, WI.
I had seen Rickie at The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, Ca, in Dec of 93.
I was a 99er/unemployed for 28 months; started working again in a temp job in late April and hoping that I am offered a full time job with benefits at the end of my 90 day contract.
I can only afford to see one show this year and when I found out that Rickie was coming to my area, HOT DOG!, was my initial feeling.
I have most of her albums...I started with vinyl, upgraded to cassette, then to cd and now I have 7 plus hours of her magic on mp3 disc.
I had the good fortune to meet and hang out with Bobby Timmons, when I visited an older brother, who was living in West Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NY, during spring recess, 1971. I was a senior in high school and it was my first trip to the Big Apple.
My older brother was a bartender at The Village Gate, and it was there that he became friends with Bobby Timmons. Bobby gave my brother free piano lessons, after he gave my brother a free old stand up piano.
Bobby knew that I would be visiting, so he came over the first day I and another brother, plus a friend, arrived and we all went out to dinner at an Indian Restaurant.
When Rickie did her rendition of "Dat Dere" (The Best that I've ever heard) it brought back wonderful memories and still does everytime that I listen to that song.
Getting to hear her play her first and second albums at the upcoming show I will be attending, is going to make my year of live performances one of the best years of my concert history.
She is and always has been, one of my favorites.
"Live at Red Rocks" is still one of the best live recordings I've ever owned.
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