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Sick pets

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Sick pets

Postby Roughyedbach » Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:17 pm

Just wanted say that I truly feel your pain about your sick horse Rickie. I lost my best friend 'Alister' some years back.
Only a skinny cat, who had more loyalty and integrity than most people I ever met, but his demise left me in real grief.
He had a great life, knew that he was loved, and has honestly never really left me. It's hard losing anyone you ever love but I believe that animals have some kind of spiritual connection with those who know that loved them that they never really leave us. Closer than people, they always stay with us and let us know that they are there. Hard to hear right now but I swear you will recover and bless the time you had with your horse just as it will stride out in Heavens acres and bless having had you. Angie xxx :)
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