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Decades of War.

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Decades of War.

Postby Tagz » Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:30 pm

Long ago, My father was a Drummer, and had a collection of albums. I used to listen to BB King (Who he played for once in Chicago) and other greats as a young boy, and I began collecting as well. When I was 17, I was sent to Infantry School at Ft. Benning Ga. and never saw him, or my family again, it was so very long ago. I have seen much in this time. When I returned I was wounded beyond further service. My life, had been combat, in more places than I care to remember. I bought some land, and built a small cabin, where I lived until the government saw fit to take this from me, Leaving a 100% disabled vet homeless. (I made a video about it, if you like to know) so I started moving. There, in my shop, I found my old victrola, and beside it, My old record player, and in massive cases, my old albums. I loaded them, and headed for a city for the first time in my life. In storage until I got my feet back on the ground. I cannot begin to tell you the adjustments I am learning to make as an "Old Man!" but my lodge was warm, and my friends kept me safe until I found a new place, and a Beautiful woman to share it with.
Yesterday, I set up that old player with a new roof over my head (at last) and started digging through the storage boxes. The memories were Great!
There, in the top of the pile, was "RICKY LEE JONES". A little red beret, and a smoke (Clove?) in hand.
That voice, I include in my collection of legends, I wondered, What happened to her? so, here you are.
It is good to see you well.
A rightious voice to be sure, It calms an old combat vet, in unsure times. The slight pop of a record that hasnt seen a needle in decades, but well stored none the less.
Here I sit, Wolves at my feet, and whiskey at hand...The musty tones speak of days long gone.
I thought I would stop by, and say hello. Keep doing what you do best....some of us are still listening!
Im looking forward to hearing how you've adapted over the years, I, am still kicking, and this old dog's still got a few tricks. Stay mellow, and I hope you fare well.
Your oldest fan, T.Tagmeyer.
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