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Morning has broken

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Re: Morning has broken

Postby angelkitten » Fri Dec 18, 2009 4:16 am

Do you think the bird was born for you, or maybe it was that you were born for the litttle bird that day to be wondering about you. For this connection. I wondered that.

It seemed here that the birds hung around a bit longer this year, with cold coming later than usual. I noticed them after the leaves were long gone in v's flying and hovering in very large groups in skies. I had never recalled such numbers. Then winter did come to three rivers. Snow will come soon.

There is a pause here. Before there was a time if you recall when everyone answered in voices like winter blankets woven and spun. I seem to be into that this year, how we are all connected, from years ago and new names and new thoughts. How we wrote about everything we felt. I liked that very much. It was a time before myspace, and twitter, and facebook. And it was here I found a place to but down my thoughts and fears and what I thought was real.

Birds and blankets and words and thoughts. It's like coming home again. There are new neighbors, or I have moved back in around the block. I like it.
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