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We Americans are really good people

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Re: We Americans are really good people

Postby angelkitten » Sat Jan 23, 2010 3:49 am

i think we are also. i think we live on hope. our grandparents coming here and all.

it has been heartbreaking. people with so little to begin with, having nothing.

I really admire anderson cooper, and what the music has done tonight. no applause. like 9-11. thank you george. not bush, the better loooking soul, but i think he as ahuman side these days, he owes us this, that g. bush. he owesus more than he knows. time to give as though you have to pause and count your own blessings and send up prayers.

i try no to complain so much at times. i of so little. but i gave what i could. i looked around my space, not my space, but my rooms and felt so lucky.

once again ralph, thanks for the humble grace that you have always shown.

picking up bricks in life, never throwing, always building.
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