photo: Skt. Petri (St. Peter) Church, Copenhagen

April 25th, from Copenhagen
The spire bells of the Skt. Petri (St. Peter) church are ringing and the sun is streaming in through the windows of a gabled rooftop here in the city center. Rickie and I are on our way downstairs to rent bicycles on my first day in the Europe. I have just flown in from Vancouver Island, but in spite of the jet lag, feel rejuvenated by the vitality of this wonderful city that we have adopted as one of our favorite on the continent. There is a grace and quiet to Copenhagen that one has to experience first hand, an open politics that makes room for a multitude of voices and views. The Danes love their children, and this is immediately apparent, for families are everywhere, walking, playing, eating together in the city parks. For someone who prefers bicycles over automobiles, the city is a Mecca of wide bicycle lanes, with fifty percent of the commuting taking place on two wheels (or three, since there are a great many "Christiana" bicycles, with two wheels in the front supporting a carrier box used to transport groceries, pets, or children). Below are a few photographs. Click on the thumbnail images to access an enlarged view with brief commentary (including the St. Peter church at top of this page).


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