from RICKIE LEE JONES (1979)


  • written by Rickie Lee Jones

    I and Braggar, and Junior Lee,
    well that's the way we always thought it would be
    In the Winston lips of September, how we met
    Decked out like aces, we'd beat anybody's bet

    Cuz we was Coolsville... cuz we was Coolsville

    Well you stick it here;
    you stick it over there;
    it never fits

    And now the hungry night wants more and more
    and you're chippyin' your little kiss.
    I jumped all his jokers,
    but he trumped all my tricks

    But I swear to God I thought this one was smart enough to stick it into Coolsville...
    and stick it into Coolsville...
    Ooh, Daddy, stick it into Coolsville

    So now it's J and B, and me,
    That sounds close,
    but it ain't the same
    but that's okay
    Hot City don't hurt that much
    When everything feels the same
    Well the real thing come and the real thing go...
    Well the Real Thing is Back in Town...
    Ask me if you wanna know The way to Coolsville...
    I hear you wanna go back to Coolsville?
    Then come on, I'll take you back... to Coolsville.

length: 3:49 minutes
vocals: Rickie Lee Jones

Coolsville, playing in Saturday Night Live, 7 April 1979. (Spanish subtitles).