• Duchess of Coolsville - An Anthology

    (lyrics coming soon)

    1. A Tree on Allenford
    2. Altar Boy
    3. Beat Angels
    4. Bitchenostrophy
    5. Bye Bye Blackbird
    6. Chuck E's in Love
    7. Company
    8. Coolsville
    9. Cycles
    10. Firewalker
    11. Flying Cowboys
    12. Ghost Train
    13. Hey, Bub
    14. It Must Be Love
    15. Living It Up
    16. Magazine
    17. On Saturday Afternoons in 1963
    18. Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue)
    19. Sailor Song
    20. Satellites
    21. Scary Chinese Movie
    22. Skeletons
    23. Stewart's Coat
    24. The Horses
    25. The Last Chance Texaco
    26. Tigers
    27. Traces of the Western Slopes
    28. Ugly Man
    29. Up From the Skies
    30. Vessel of Light
    31. We Belong Together
    32. Weasel and the White Boys Cool
    33. Woody and Dutch on the Slow Train to Peking
    34. Sunshine Superman
    35. Makin' Whoopee!
    36. Autumn Leaves
    37. Atlas' Marker (The Aviator) [Live]
    38. Easter Parade
    39. My Funny Valentine [Live]
    40. Something Cool [Live]
    41. The Evening of My Best Day [Live]
    42. Young Blood [Demo Version]
    43. After Hours (Twelve Bars Past Goodnight) [Demo Version]
    44. Easy Money [Demo Version]
    45. Rodeo Girl [Demo Version]
    46. Satellites [Demo Version]
    47. Rondo for the 3 Apartments on 34th Street [Demo Version]
    48. Atlas' Marker [Bruce Mix][Demo Version]

    released: June, 2005
    producer: David Was, Karen Ahmed (Compilation), Lenny Waronker, Rickie Lee Jones (Compilation), Rickie Lee Jones, Russ Titelman, Walter Becker

    Personnel include: Rickie Lee Jones (vocals, guitar, keyboards); David Hidalgo (vocals, 8-string guitar); Dr. John (vocals, keyboards); Syd Straw (vocals); Rick Boston (various instruments); Steve Lukather, Buzz Feiten (guitar); Leo Kottke (acoustic guitar, slide guitar); Bill Frisell (electric guitar); Greg Phillinganes (keyboard); Randy Newman (synthesizer); Chuck Rainey (bass instrument); Rob Wasserman (double bass); Willie Weeks (bass guitar); Alex Acuna (drums, congas); Jeff Porcaro, Jim Keltner, Steve Gadd (drums); Lenny Castro (percussion)

    Several live recordings are also available from Great Big Island. »