• Ghostyhead (1997)

    (lyrics coming soon)

    1. Little Yellow Town
    2. Road Kill
    3. Matters
    4. Firewalker
    5. Howard
    6. Ghostyhead
    7. Sunny Afternoon
    8. Scary Chinese Movie
    9. Cloud of Unknowing
    10. Vessel of Light

    length: 54 minutes
    released: July 1997
    producer: Rickie Lee Jones and Rick Boston

    Rickie Lee Jones performed vocals and played Taylor, Gibson L4, Gibson Mutt, Baby Bruno, Kay, Solid and hollow body Epiphone guitars, Kay bass, sleigh bells, drums, bowed dulcimer, kalimba, wurlitzer, rhodes, mpc-60, juno106, jx-8p, dx1000, wire recorder, and piano.

    Rick Boston - same instruments as those played by Rickie Lee Jones/loops and programming
    Boss Doctor - Additional programming
    Lee Cantelon - Backwards Guitar
    Robert Devery - Rhythm/Korg Trinity
    Carol Es - Live Drums
    Josh Friese - Live Drums
    Janeen Rae Heller - Saw
    Jay Lane - Foot Trunk/Cymbals
    John Leftwich - Upright Bass
    Ronnie Siago - Live Drums
    Gerry Sutyak - Cello
    David Zeller - Sheet Metal

    This album and several live recordings are also available from Great Big Island. »