• Girl At Her Volcano (1983)

    1. Lush Life    lyrics
    2. Letters from the 9th Ward/ Walk Away Renee   lyrics
    3. Hey Bub    lyrics
    4. My Funny Valentine    lyrics
    5. Under the Boardwalk    lyrics
    6. Rainbow Sleeves    lyrics
    7. So Long   lyrics
    8. Something Cool   lyrics

    EP, released: 1983
    producer: Rickie Lee Jones

    Rickie Lee Jones performed vocals and played piano and synthesize

    background vocals: Sal Bernardi, Arno Lucas
    synthesizer: Michael Boddicker
    congas/triple scale: Lenny Castro
    horn & string arrangements: Nick DeCaro
    oboe: Earl Dannar
    bass: Nathan East
    percussion/marimba: Victor Feldman
    trumpet: Chuck Findley
    percussion: Michael Fisher
    piano: Randy Kerber
    fender rhoades: Neil Larsen
    string arrangements: Johnny Mandell
    synthesizer: Lyle Mays
    bass: Reggie McBride
    guitars: Dean Parks
    drums: Art Rodriguez
    fender rhoades/vocals/synthesizerbBackground vocals: Michael Ruff
    background vocals: Leslie Smith
    sax: Larry Williams

    Studio Rhythm Section on "Girl At Her Volcano"
    Rickie Lee Jones played Piano.
    bass: Nathan East
    guitars: Dean Parks
    drums: Art Rodriguez
    fender rhoades: Michael Ruff

    This album and several live recordings are also available from Great Big Island. »