• The Sermon on Exposition Boulevard

    The inspration for the songs came from the Lee Cantelon's book "The Words", a modern rendering of the words of Christ.

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    1. Nobody Knows My Name   lyrics
    2. Gethsemane   lyrics
    3. Falling Up    lyrics
    4. Lamp Of The Body   lyrics
    5. It Hurts   lyrics
    6. Where I Like It Best   lyrics
    7. Tried To Be A Man   lyrics
    8. Circle In The Sand   lyrics
    9. Donkey Ride   lyrics
    10. Seventh Day   lyrics
    11. Elvis Cadillac   lyrics
    12. Road To Emmaus   [Instrumental]
    13. I Was There   lyrics
    14. Cloud Of Unknowing (Live Bonus Track)

    released: February 6, 2007
    producer: Peter Atanasoff, Jonathan Stearns.

    Personnel: Rickie Lee Jones (vocals, guitar, dulcimer, electric piano, Wurlitzer organ, keyboard, keyboards, Moog synthesizer, xylophone, electric bass, bass guitar, finger cymbals, tambourine, percussion); Bernie Larsen (guitars, gut-string guitar, synthesizer, drum); Peter Atanasoff (guitars, oud, background vocals); Jonathon Stearns (trumpet); Joey Maramba (electric bass, bass guitar); Joey Waronker, Jay Bellerose (drums); Lee Cantelon, Rob Schnapf (background vocals).

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February 6